Zion Photography Guide Now Available

cover-for-zion-guideHey everyone I have officially launched my small e-book! It is my first endeavor into this world and I hope it provides beneficial bits of information to you along your adventure.

What’s it about?

A Zion National Park photography guide. It includes 9 locations and seasonal bits of information about photographing at each location. Some information includes places like the Narrows, The Watchman Bridge and the Big Horn Sheep of Zion. It does not include photographing locations like Angels Landing and Observation Point. I plan on making addition guides in the future that will cover more of these locations.

How long is it?

The book is about 26 pages of content with a few pages of additional pictures for ideas of some of the locations mentioned in the book. It will take about 20 minutes to read through, but I would use it more of a resource rather than a good read.

Why should I get it?

If you are a photographer this will be the best most simple guide to help you photograph Zion National Park. It spells out 9 locations to get you brainstorming. It will also tell you which time of year you should show up to get the best results at those locations.

How much is it?

$5 dollars. Its short sweet and should not cost you much. Watch for sales as I will no doubt have many for this item.

How do I but it?

Follow this link: Buy E-book

Purchase it right there and you will get a link to download it. It should only take a few minutes.


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