Print Shops and Framers In Utah

I am writing this for my Utah audience in particular, but also for the national audience. Since I live in Utah I try to use local printers for my order. Since I also have a job that has carried me from one side of the state to the other, I have had an opportunity to print at different locations from north to south. This is what I have found.


Pixels Foto and Frame

These are currently my go-to guys for most of my printing. I love the results I get and I love the speed in which I get my photos. They are located in Sandy Utah off of 9000s and State street. They print on every medium except glass… which I don’t use any ways. They have the best prices out of all my printers I choose from. They also beat out Bay Photo on Metal prices. So if you are looking for an alternative for your metal prints, this is a good choice. They also do free shipping on regular prints when the order is over $15 dollars.

Outside of printing, these guys have a full frame shop and can do all your framing. I have only framed one thing through them due to my being down in southern Utah for most of my photo career. If you are in need of a framer, these guys can do it.

Main Toad Stool.jpg

Print It!

Print It! is a local shop here in St. George. It is run by Nathan, who is a fantastic photographer as well. His prices are a little higher than Pixels, but he is my go to for single orders for my luster prints. He is quick and super informative with lots of good ideas. If you live in St. George and you are looking for a solid printer who can bring your luster prints to life, he is the guy to go to. You can even discuss with him about proofs and so on. If you want to know, he is a big printer for some other photographers here in town. I highly recommend him.

Nate does not do framing, so if you are in need of professional framing go to some of my other suggestions.

Pure Art Pinter

Pure Art Printer has been making waves in the art community lately. He has been the exclusive printer for David West in Springdale. He has also taken much of St. George by storm when it comes to printing in metal. He almost exclusively has the market on it here. A few people still print at Bay Photo no doubt, but it has become less and less. I have found far greater reasons to use him as he has drastically reduced prices within the past month, which made him much more competitive. By the way his name is Mitch. He is super helpful, and knows a bunch about the art community. He has been an art dealer and seller around the country, so has a good understanding on whats going on.

I use him for individual metallic prints and for my prints that are at Gallery 256. I like his process because his metallic paper has a tendency to really saturate my reds in my prints. I like the quality I get on my slot canyon shots through him. I will use him for those in the future.

He also does framing, though I have never used him for that.

Art Center

The Art Center up in Cedar City is a great choice to print at if you live in Cedar City, particularly canvas prints. I know a guy who excursively prints through him for all of his canvases. Since I don’t print canvas I don’t use him. I do still keep a relationship with him though as he currently has a photo of mine sitting in his small gallery. I also use him for framing as he does a great job at that. I don’t print with him anymore due to my proximity to other great printers, and due to pricing that works best with my business structure.

The Great Undercut coyote gulch (1 of 1)
I have a 16×24 framed print in his gallery. Selling for $350 if you are interested in purchasing. 

ARTe’ Framing and Gallery.

So ARTe’ is run by a guy named Phil and his wife. He is a super nice dude and does a fantastic job at framing. He does not do printing to my knowledge. He has ridiculously good prices on frames that are professionally done. He won my hart on his framing style and prices. If you are in St. George and need a framers, go to him. I plan to get a print or two in his gallery in the future.


My Final Thoughts

Don’t judge a printer on your first experience with them. It takes a while to get your screen on par with their printing process. Also use different printers for different things. I love the way my prints get a bit of texture from Print It. Also try out the other local printers in your town. I have not used everyone, as I know of three others off the top of my head that I have never used that are here in Utah.

I hoped this helped. Thanks!


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