Upcomming Ebook


Hey everyone I will be launching a small e-book photography guide to Zion National Park. It will be low cost, accessible on kindle based devices, or in other words everyone’s smart phone, and will be a great starting point for photographing here in the park.

The guide book will include some tips and time of day to photograph some of the most iconic locations here in the park and a few tips on less though about photography locations. I discuss seasons and some of the best ones to visit particular locations. I discuss chasing waterfalls and other events within the park. I also discuss time of day as well.

If you are looking for a guide to your next trip to Zion, keep an eye out for this. Or is you come here regularly, but not enough to know the ins and outs of the park. Hopefully in the coming weeks I will also add additional plans for more books that will include smaller less known locations and even places like Bryce and Escalante. That will happen when that happens.

But if you are wondering the locations to be discussed let me name a few:

  • Zion Overlook
  • The Bridge looking at the Watchman
  • Court of the Patriarchs
  • The Big Horn Sheep

I include 5 other locations and topics. As I mentioned it will be short sweet and a great starting point for those photographers looking for a place get some good shots while you are visiting Zion for a day or two.

Keep an eye out for it in the next week or two.


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