My Lens Setup

I on occasion get asked what I shoot with. More often than not I usually say Canon 6D and that’s the end of it. Most people don’t even know what that means, but for the few who inquire beyond that, I get to talk about my lenses. I figured since I was practicing my product photography this evening and photographing my lens set up I decided to talk about it tonight.

If you look close you can see how much I have actually beat up this lens. It has scratches all over it and when you rotate the focus or zoom rings you can hear the sand in the gears.

I uses the Canon 17-40 f4L lens. I use it because… that’s what I could afford. Despite what most people think. I actually struggle quite a bit to make any money with my photography. I actually acquired this lens by trading my entire Canon 60D for this lens. Yup I didn’t even buy this lens. If I had the money i would get the Canon 16-35 f4L or the 2.8 version of the lens. I would also get the Canon 11-16 f4L but that is even pushing it beyond what I could even imagine for money income.

If I have anything to say about this lens is that it is a great lens. It is far better than a kit lens in image quality, sharpness, durability, functionality, and in about every other way. Do I wish it was sharper, absolutely. Do I wish it was wider… yes. But for the price this will get you stunning results far greater than you would ever get with standard cheap wide angle lens.

You can see the few hits on this beauty, but overall it has stayed in really good condition.

I also use the Hoya circular polarizer. It is their scratch resistant water resistant version. It stays on my lens 9 times out of 10 and in general keeps the front element of my lens protected.

A quick review. I would buy it. I do notice a bit of loss of sharpness but it is very very small. I bet the singray $200 or $5oo dollar version would be better, but I don’t have that budget. If you are looking for a professional polarizer for you camera, this will do it without breaking the bank.

Please head over to my site and check out my work that I have created with this lens… And possibly buy something. That would be great.


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