A Landscape Photographer I Will Be


Beginning December 17th I am been given a unique opportunity to go full time landscape photographer. This decision was not entirely intended or wanted as I really do enjoy my job. The nature of the beast of working in the wildlife world is that often positions are seasonal and they often end in the winter. Since I have been given the chance to come back in the spring, I decided to stay in the region and carry the torch as a landscape photographer and general photographer.

Even though this has always been a small dream of mine, I am nervous and a little unprepared I think. So I am reaching out to you, community. I am reaching out for advice, guidance and support. If you have ever started your own business tell me things you have learned and give me some advice. If you run your own landscape photography business, give me some advice.

Things will change a bit because of this. I will move my prints over to limited editions beginning immediately. I have kept track of all my prints and I know which one and how many have been sold of each size. I will outline this more in the future. I will also begin doing workshops for those who would like to learn more about their cameras in general. This will include nature and wildlife.

If anyone would like to contact me with advice do so privately if you like. Also prints, calendars and workshops are available online, you just need to reach out to me. I will begin outlining days in the near future that has workshop dates on them.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far.

Till next time.bryce-sunset-point-5072


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