Behind the Scenes: Super-moon Over West Temple

west temple super moon- watermark.jpg

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month, you probably heard about the Super-moon that we just had here on Earth. If you are unfamiliar with what a super-moon is, here is a quick synopsis.

Super-moons are a product of the moons orbit around the earth. Since the orbit is not circular, but rather more oval, it moves closer and further from the earth as it makes its journey. Well when that orbit brings the moon to its closest point along with the combination of a full moon you get the magical super-moon. This one was special as it was at its closest point and a full moon… Also to mention it rose a decent time on Sunday night. (technically the full moon was not complete until Monday, but the difference was about 1 percent)

About this photo:

This photo is a fun combination of photos. I photographed the ground and the sky under one exposure as the moon reflects a lot of light. If you have ever tried to photograph the moon you probably have noticed that it is exceptionally bright. I then photographed the moon with a much quicker shutter speed to capture the detail in it.

I then took both the photos into Lightroom and edited them separately to get as much detail as I could out of the scene. Afterwards I shipped them over to Photoshop and combined the two images. If you look closely you will know a small glowing ring around the moon. That is the byproduct of the multiple exposures. I bet I could have gone in and done a lot of fancy editing to remove that, but I liked the pop it gave to the moon.

After the combination I brought it back into lightroom for some final touch-ups and this was the final product.

Thanks! Please share and enjoy.


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