Workshops and Guiding


bryce-sunset-point-5072Beginning January 2017 I will be offering guided single day and multi day workshops and trips around southern Utah. Most notably will be locations around Zion, Escalante, Bryce, Lake Powell and cool locations found around public lands.


We will either meet the evening before the shoot or in the morning depending on the location and discuss what you are wanting to accomplish out of the photo experience. Days can either by half days or full days, the price is the same. We will then focus on those skills and locations you have identified and will have a blast doing so. During down times we can review photos and discuss what could be done to improve.

If you are not wanting me to provide instruction, I will gladly take you to locations at the best times of day to photograph. It will then turn into a photo excursion with some guidance as needed.

Half Days will end at 1:00 pm or when we get back to the vehicles and will begin before sunrise based on the location. Full Days will include mid day discussion and scouting for evening shots. I will do everything within my power to find good locations with good light. If we need to change plans due to weather, be prepared. Extensive driving will be avoided but may happen.

k-ville-falls-fall-photo-shoot-5169Physical Experience

Some of the locations on these lists are not easy to get to and will require some hiking. Potentially upwards of 6 plus miles in a day. Some locations will be in water so waiters will be needed. I you are bringing used waiters from a different region please fill a bucket up with water and throw some bleach in them and dunk your waiters and boots into the bucket. Allow them to dry for 48 hours. I am a biologist so I am aware of biological agents that can be passed around.

Be prepared for high elevations, temperatures below zero in said locations and so forth. I live in a high desert which means snow.

This will be an adventure, but you will be able to walk away with photos few people ever have due to the time of year.

Gear to Bring

  • Tripod
  •  DSLR of some fashion (mirrorless is fine) it needs manual controls.
    • A few lenses but a wide angle is preferred.
    • All your camera gear as necessary.
  • Appropriate weather clothing (No cotton or I might refund you or ask you to do some shopping first)
  • Vehicle (though I may drive sometimes for convenience)

What is not Included

Housing- I cannot provide housing and will probably be camping myself depending on the location. If you want to share a site, be my guest.

Food-Unless previously arranged.

Gear- I may have a few things for you to use but overall this is your trip plan accordingly.

My Credentials

I am CPR certified, and have some first aid training, but your safety is your responsibility I might make calls to cancel locations due to safety concerns and a full refund will be given bighorn-5032if no photo tour is provided.

Photographer– I have been an avid photographer for 3 years with both schooling and
practice under my belt.

Hiker- I have traveled much of the state and have visited most corners but not all. I have hiked thousands of miles in this state and have an old hiking blog to prove it if you want to check it out.

Biologist– I have been working with the wildlife around southern Utah now for 18 months and have a good idea what is here and where to find them.


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