Behind the scenes: Bryce

When it comes to finding new perspectives I put in a fare amount of pre scouting into things. For example I recently visited Bryce Canyon with a friend and my beautiful wife. The evening began with some photos but it mostly was me walking back and forth asking myself “how about this?” I had about an hour to kill so I checked out a hand full of views and noticed this from up above. I hiked down to it and looked and pondered and decided it might be good for sun rise.

The next morning I came back and had a full hour before sunrise to continue scouting. My buddy came along and figured it would be a lot of standing around, but I made sure it was none of that. I wondered from one side of the rim to the other looking for better locations. After 45 minutes I decided my previously scouted location was my best bet and headed over to it.

I played around with composition for a while and settled on this as the sun rose and bathed Bryce in great color. I tried some with a big sun burst in the corner but ended up not going with them. This photo is only one exposure and was edited in Lightroom with a few touches in Photoshop.

Prints available.


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