Why Buy Landscape Photography

Calf Creek

On Monday morning I woke up at 6 a.m. and began getting ready for work. This is a usual routine that most Americans take part of. Breakfast, shower, and so forth. At 7 a.m. I am driving up a canyon to eventually change vehicles and head up to the Reservoir. I then spend the next 9 hours working with fish. This involves pulling them out of streams with nets and so forth. I also spend time walking river banks, being splashed by water, collecting samples and occasionally battling pelicans. In other words I spend my days outdoors doing what I enjoy.

The reason I bring this up is that I have unknowingly been taking advantage of some under health benefits of the outdoors that our modern society seems to try to deem dirty and in some cases unnecessary. Before I began writing this post, I began looking into the benefits of being outdoors and in some ways the benefits of landscape photography. I knew I had seen some studies about it and took the time to do some refreshing.

Published in 2009 was a article in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health that discussed how those who lived within 1 kilometer of green space had significantly less health issues (this is a statistical number not some magical huge number). While those further into urban developments showed a surprising number issues. They, the researchers, were looking into 24 different disorders and found those within more urban environments had upwards of 15 of these issues.

coyote gulch (6 of 6)

Of course some of the benefits tie back to exercise, more sunlight which increases vitamin D, and interaction with more variety of germs boosting their immune system. Behind these obvious benefits though are some psychological benefits as well. If you want, google “health benefits of nature” and you will find a lot of articles of it. Even Google Scholar it and you will get a big list as well. The benefits range from decreased ADHD, less depression, more creativity. These are three I just read last night in passing by.

Now that we see we have some mental benefits from being in nature, how does that apply to the synthetic aspect of it a.k.a landscape photography? In the Korean Journal of Radiology a paper titled “functional neuroanatomy associated with natural and urban scenic views in the human brain: 3.0 MR Imagery” decided to look into this. They brought in some test subjects and performed some qualitative testing by asking the group to assess their psychological state as they viewed both urban and nature scenes. Those who saw urban scenes never said they felt free or relaxed when viewing them. While those who were looking at nature scenes did report a sense of peace or relaxed state. The MRI recording also backed up their findings as well as certain areas of the brain that correlate with well being.

So if you are feeling a bit stressed at work and need some way to help relax while you are there, consider purchasing a landscape image. If you are a manager for an office, consider purchasing some landscape images to provide a bit of a relaxing atmosphere for your employee’s.

Mesa Arch (4 of 7) light

This paper is kind of fun in that now humanity has another reason to care for landscape photography. Beyond documentation, art and preservation, we can also gain some psychological benefits of having some landscape imagery in your home and office.

Now the question that should be raised after this is who do I purchase from. I of course am now going to give a shameless plug for me. As a upcoming photographer in the industry every sale boosts my reputation and allows me to go out and do what I do. Please check out my galleries and purchase the image through my store.

If you have questions feel free to contact me especially if you want a smaller or larger size of any of my images.

zion river tree



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