My First Image

cedar breaks snow remastered

To be honest this is not the first image I took. Not with my old point and shoot and definitely not with my DSLR. This is the first image I took that taught me that I could be a landscape photographer. Not so much taught me, but signified that I had reached some point in my landscape photography career where I can produce images that I feel are professional grade.

Yes, I am beginning as a landscape photographer as a part time job. I still have other goals and aspirations to follow as a biologist, but this is something I have thought about following for many months now. In all reality years, because as  child I once told my dad that I wanted to be a photographer as a career. Now I get to live it.

Taken in late spring when the air is still cold enough to give a bite but warm enough to have removed the snow off the peaks. On occasion when a storm blows through during these late spring months, sometimes they drop snow on the tops of the mountains. Since Cedar Breaks is nestled in at 10,000 feet it often produces a scenario where the top is covered by just a bit of snow but leaving the rest of the mountain still exposed.

I saw these beautiful conditions brewing so I headed up the mountain with my wife to see if it would turn out. It was pretty but after a few minutes I decided to call it quits. Just as I was getting into the car and leave I decided to go to one last spot and see what I would get. When I arrived the light was stunning and the foreground was stunning and well everything pulled together to make a stunning image.


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